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Teach Yourself Relaxation Techniques - by Alice Muir
NEW Edition - 2010


by Alice Muir


Overcome your Postnatal Depression  - by Alice MuiPublished in AUGUST 2007

'Overcome your Postnatal Depression'

by Alice Muir (edited by Denise Robertson)


Make Your Sensitivity Work for You - by Alice Muir

'Make Your Sensitivity Work for You'

by Alice Muir, 2006
Sheldon Press


Coping with a Stressed Nervous System by Dr. Kenneth Hambly & Alice Muir

'Coping with a Stressed
Nervous System'

by Alice Muir and Dr. Ken Hambly,

2005 Sheldon Press


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       Published 2014 by Pearson



Power Up Your Confidence

by Alice Muir


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Other Books available

Published - 2013        ‘Overcome Depression'  by Alice Muir

Overcome Depression - At any time, one in twenty people suffers from clinical depression. If you or someone close to you may be one of them, this book will be your perfect companion. No book can claim to ‘cure’ depression completely. What this book does is demystify the condition, provide case studies of people who have been there, and explain what to do to alleviate the effects of depression. It als introduces the key treatments, including medication, cognitive behavioural therapy and alternative therapies.

A ‘Teach Yourself’ Book published by Hodder Education.


    'Beat Stress'  by Alice Muir                  Published - 2012

Beat Stress gives you a wide range of techniques, including mindfulness practices, that will successfully relax body and mind, and shows you where you can find support, solutions and strategies. Designed to make the information work for you this effective and practical guide will help you beat stress, forever.

A ‘Teach Yourself’ Book published by Hodder Education.


'Overcoming Loneliness'  by Alice Muir

We all feel lonely sometimes, but in today’s complex world, loneliness is becoming increasingly common. Full of compassion and sound practical advice, this book will help you to :-

- Work out how much social interaction is right for you

- Decide what to do when you are feeling lonely

- Build your confidence and make new friends

- Make simple changes to start feeling better right now

Published by Sheldon Press in 2012

Also by Alice Muir

And available from

Two Books published in2011Persuade Anyone with NLP - by Alice Muir

'Persuade Anyone with NLP'  by Alice Muir

Make use of psychological and other specialist techniques, including those from ‘neuro-linguistic programming’, or NLP, to imrove your ability to influence and persuade others. NLP is all about improving our habitual patterns of thought and behaviour. These established techniques will help to make you feel more powerful and more able to capture attention and communicate clearly.
-a 'Teach Yourself'' book from Hodder Education



Blissful Relaxation Exercises - by Alice Muir


'Blissful Relaxation' by Alice Muir

Learn effective relaxation techniques with this guide to feeling good and beating stress


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